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Disruption is everywhere,
and employee benefits are no different. The providers continue to move into the broker space, and the brokers do the same.

About Us

About Us.

Who would have thought that you could run a pension with a large EB consultancy, not an insurance company, and that your insurance company would be providing financial education to your employees. That’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Undertaking assessments of your beneFITNESS, and engaging in projects as your “in house” resource, we can ensure that your organisation optimises its spend, and understands the risks.

You want to engage your employees in your benefits, make sure they use them, understand them. We feel that not all the information gets through to the end user, your employees.

There are so many questions that are never asked, you can hear these answers.

Welcome to beneficia.

We don’t broker benefits. We have no interest in placing anything, just making sure that you know everything you need to in a market that continues to disrupt, innovate and move at a pace that is hard to comprehend.

What We Do

We have incredible expertise and experience in the employee benefits arena. This insight allows us to focus on you, not the relationships with providers.

We can design, and implement any benefit strategy that you want, prove a concept, assist in tendering, and work on transformation or M&A benefits projects. The scope and length of projects will vary enormously.

That can often mean improving or repositioning the relationships between you, broker and provider, to ensure that you are in control. Reviewing those age old arrangements that have always been the way they are.

We don’t care if you want a direct relationship with your pension provider, or can’t see the value in using a broker for health insurance. We get to the right solutions for you, and most importantly your employees.

Let us tell you about a new way.